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MS SPIDOC and Norovirus Superstar @EBSA Congress 2023, 1 July – 4 August 2023, Stockholm, Sweden

“Flying viruses – mass spectrometry meets X-rays” presented by Charlotte Uetrecht

MS SPIDOC @54. German Society for Mass Spectrometry, 14-17 May 2023, Dortmund, Germany

MS SPIDOC @CSSB Symposium 2023 “Charting the landscape of infection: From entry to exit”, 3-5 May 2023, Hamburg, Germany

MS SPIDOC @Gaseous Ions: Structures, Energetics and Reactions “From Fundamentals to Emerging Applications”, 19-24 February 2023, Ventura, CA, United States

MS SPIDOC @DESY Photon Science Users’ Meeting “Research with Synchrotron Radiation and FELs”, 25 – 27 January 2023, Hamburg, Germany

Poster “MS SPIDOC: Mass Spectrometry meets Single Particle Imaging” presented by Thomas Kierspel – DESY

The Norovirus Superstar @GRC Viruses at Multiple Levels of Complexity“, 22-27 January 2023, Italy


Engaged young students getting deeper insights in science! MS SPIDOC and Norovirus Superstar @gymnasium Hochrad with Charlotte Uetrecht, 20 December 2022, Hochrad Gymnasium, Hamburg, Germany

Don’t miss the deadline!!!

You have time till the 25 December 2022 to submit your application for the Gordon Research Conference “Viruses at Multiple Levels of Complexity“, co-organized by Charlotte Uetrecht, 22-27 January 2023, Italy


Here the updated flyer:

MS SPIDOC and Norovirus Superstar @Institute of Physical and Theoretical Chemistry, 13 December 2022, Goethe University, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

“Flying viruses – mass spectrometry meets X-rays” – presented by Charlotte Uetrecht, LIV/USI

MS SPIDOC goes to young students! Charlotte Uetrecth presented MS SPIDOC with Norovirus Superstar to 20 students, 5 December 2022, Gymnasium Alstertal, Hamburg, Germany

MS SPIDOC in Paris @GDR XFEL Plenary meeting, 23-24 November 2022, France

“MS SPIDOC@EuXFEL: a step higher for structural biology in the gas phase?” – presented by Luke Mac-Aleese, UCBL

Congratulations to Maxim Brodmerkel, Emiliano De Santis, Charlotte Uetrecht, Carl Caleman and Erik Marklund for the latest MS SPIDOC publication! 🎉”Stability and conformational memory of electrosprayed and rehydrated bacteriophage MS2 virus coat proteins”, Current Research in Structural Biology, 2022

MS SPIDOC retreat, 19-21 October 2022, Uppsala, Sweden

MS SPIDOC looking already in 2023 with the Gordon Research Conference (GRC) Physical Virology – Viruses at Multiple Levels of Complexity, 22-27 January 2023, Italy

A not-to miss conference co-organized by Charlotte Uetrecht! Download the flyer here:

MS SPIDOC @German Biophysical Society Meeting, 25-28 September 2022, Konstanz, Germany

Presentation “Flying viruses – understanding corona- and norovirus lifecycles”, Charlotte Uetrecht – LIV

MS SPIDOC @International Conference on Mass Spectrometry, 27 August – 2 September 2022, Maastricht – The Netherlands

“MS SPIDOC: Mass spectrometry meet single particle imaging”- poster presented by Thomas Kierspel – LIV

“A digital ion filter and trap for the MS SPIDOC prototype” – poster presented by Florian Simke – University of Greifswald

“Compact, High-Resolution Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometer Based on an Electrostatic Analyser” – poster presented by Steve Daly – MS VISION

MS SPIDOC @FEBS 2022 Advanced Course – Biomolecules in Action III, 19-24 June 2022, Hamburg, Germany

“Native MS in biophysical and structural characterization of protein complexes”Charlotte Uetrecht – LIV

Biomolecules in Action III
19-24 June 2022 │ Hamburg, Germany

Science is for everybody!

Thanks to Veronika Mischitz – VÉROCOMICS for bringing MS SPIDOC with the Norovirus Superstar comic @20th International Comic Salon

16-19.06.2022, Erlangen, Germany

MS SPIDOC and Norovirus Superstar @CSSB retreat, 2-3.06.2002, Lübeck, Germany

MS SPIDOC retreat, 2-4.05 2022 @Timmendorfer Strand, Germany

Congratulations to Charlotte Uetrecht for receiving the prestigious Mattauch-Herzog Award on 27th April 2022 for the valuable contribution on development of mass spectrometry methods and technologies!

Find out more on the CSSB news:

and on the LIV news:

Powerhouse scientist: DESY congratulating Charlotte Uetrecht for the SAXFELS funding and Mattauch-Herzog Award!

MS VISION @Proteomic Forum 2022 – EuPA 2022 3-7.04.2022, Leipzig, Germany

The Small Angle X-ray Free Electron Laser Scattering (SAXFELS) project, based on the adapation of the MS SPIDOC prototype, has been funded by the Röntgen-Ångström Cluster (RÅC)!

Congratulations to the MS SPIDOC members: Charlotte Uetrecht, Erik Marklund and Carl Caleman!

DESY News announcing the SAXFELS project based on MS SPIDOC:

The Norovirus Superstar comic and MS SPIDOC featured as “Finding of the month” in the last issue of the Leibniz Association Newsletter!

Find out more on the Leibniz-Newsletter N°24 · 2022 (German only):

MS SPIDOC @12th conference on Isolated Biomolecules and Biomolecular Interactions – IBBI 2022 27.02.2022 – 04.03.2022 Obergurgl, Austria

Photo credit: Thomas Kierspel

“Flying coronaviruses – insights into non-structural proteins” Charlotte Uetrecht  – HPI

“MS SPIDOC: Mass Spectrometry meets Single Particle Imaging” Thomas Kierspel – HPI

“An experimental approach to conformational dynamics in biological systems (with spectroscopy as central technique)” Luke Mac-Aleese – UCBL

“Rehydrating gas-phase protein structures:  can we recover solution structures?” Maxim Brodmerkel – UU

Perdita Barran – UNIMAN

MS SPIDOC supporting Women In Science

MS SPIDOC @CSSB Networking Symposium, 9 December 2021, Thomas Kierspel “MS-SPIDOC: Mass spectrometry meets single particle imaging”