1st step – screening of applications

  1. Only complete applications are reviewed by the recruiting committee.
  2. Applications are screened for the MSCA eligibility criteria
  3. Eligible applications are evaluated by the recruitment committee for “Selection criteria
  4. Selected applicants are invited for the first, online, interview. Non-selected applicants are informed about the decision of the recruiting committee and feedback on the application is given upon request
  5. Successful applicants at the first interview are invited for a second, in-person, interview.
  6. Selected applicants are informed and can start the enrollment process.

2nd step – Interviews

First interview, online

The interview will be about 1 hour with recruiting committee members.

What to prepare: 15 minutes scientific presentation on the studies conducted during the master thesis.

Open questions: 30 minutes during which also the candidate will have the opportunity to ask questions to the committee members related to the project, workplace and other matters. Please, consider in advance about them.

Project related requirements: the recruiting committee will present the key requirements for the specific project, including the secondments.

Second interview, in-person

One-day visit to the research institute where the project will be performed, including:

Visit to the laboratory and office place

Meet the research team

Interview with project leader – open questions also from the candidate If possible, the project leader at the secondment’s locations will join the interview online.