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Commissioning the digital mass-filter/ion-trap module for the MS SPIDOC prototype. Florian Simke, Paul Fischer, Tomislav Damjanović, Alan Kádek, Thomas
Kierspel, Kristina Lorenzen, Charlotte Uetrecht and Lutz Schweikhard, Journal of Instrumentation, 2023

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In a flash of light: X-ray free electron lasers meet native mass spectrometry. Alan Kadek, Kristina Lorenzen, Charlotte Uetrecht for MS SPIDOC consortium.
Drug Discovery Today: Technology 2021 08,
DOI: 10.1016/j.ddtec.2021.07.001

A comic-book take on a virus photoshoot. ‘Norovirus Superstar’ gives insights into the EU-funded MS SPIDOC project and explains how European XFEL is used in biology. © 2021 Véro Mischitz | MS SPIDOC, CC BY ND 4.0 doi:10.22003/XFEL.EU-COMIC-2021-001-EN

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Reproducibility in the unfolding process of protein induced by an external electric field. Anna Sinelnikova, Thomas Mandl, Christofer Östlin, Oscar Grånäs, Maxim N. Brodmerkel, Erik G. Marklund and Carl Caleman
Chemical Science 202112, 2030-2038
DOI: 10.1039/D0SC06008A

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